What are the Pathways?

At Tamworth Enterprise College our students must follow one of the pathways explained below, which will include:

  • English.
  • Film Studies (Visual English).
  • Maths.
  • Science.
  • Core Physical Education.

All students will study the subjects listed above as well as developing British Values, Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects through a variety of topics within each subject area and through weekly House assemblies. Other opportunities for such development will come through enrichment activities after school.

‘EBacc’ Pathway:

We expect some students to follow the ‘EBacc’ pathway which involves studying Spanish, a Humanity (Geography or History) and one other GCSE subject. This will give the student a balanced foundation to move into higher education.

GCSE Pathway:

This is where most of our students will choose their options from. This pathway will consist of three subjects. We wold hope that one of these subjects would be either Geography or History. Students can select a BTEC subject from the list as this holds GCSE equivalence.

Foundation Pathway:

This pathway is tailored to those students who want to develop a broader set of skills which include allowing their creative and expressive qualities to come to fruition. Our SenCo Co-ordinator will discuss with specific parents and students who may benefit from such an opportunity.

No student is restricted to the pathway that they can follow, but we firmly believe that our guidance and support will allow you son/daughter to make an informed and appropriate decision about their future.