Science at Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Science is a two year course. Our aims are to promote independent learning, scientific enquiry, practical skills, literacy and numeracy.

We follow  ‘Activate’ a course designed by Oxford University Press, it is a rigorous scientific programme which supports learners of all abilities to make progress and allows the staff to design their lessons with their own personality and flair.

Oxford University Press support the Activate course with a website named  ‘Kerboodle’ where students can access a digital textbook to support their learning from home.

The course is delivered in ability groups in both years and lower ability students are supported by teaching assistants.

Year 7 topics.

Biology- Cells, Structure and Function of Body Systems, Reproduction

Chemistry- Particles and their behaviour, Elements, atoms and compounds, Reactions, Acids and Alkalis.

Physics- Forces, Sound, Light, Space

Year 8 Topics

Biology- Health and Lifestyle, Ecosystem processes, Adaptation and Inheritance

Chemistry- The Periodic table, Separation techniques, Metals and Acids, The Earth

Physics- Electricity and Magnetism, Energy, Motion and Pressure


Students are assessed throughout the topics through homework and classwork activities. For each topic they complete an   ‘Alfie soft’ assessment which is an online assessment which provides a range of questions and allows students to demonstrate their progress throughout the topic. This is carried out in the Science departments own ICT suite under test conditions.

Year 8 Students completing an on-line assessment.

The students also complete a written assessment for each topic, this is designed to assess a range of skills in addition to their scientific knowledge. These assessments also allow students to demonstrate their progress in literacy, numeracy, data handling and risk assessment. Students can also carry out ‘The big write’ which mimics the style of GCSE questions to allow them to develop literacy skills that they will need at a later date. 

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