School Policy Documents

Below you will find copies of the school's policy documents. Many of these documents are being revised at the moment and will appear here when fully updated.

Should you wish to view these policies in Dyslexia Friendly Format please click here.

All policies not included here can be seen by contacting the school.

Should you require a paper copy of any school  policy please contact the general office (01827 285596, or email

In particular, the draft of the Disability Equality Policy for 2012-2016 is currently being approved by the Governing Body and this can be seen by contacting the school secretary.

You may also be interested to view a presentation of slides entitled 'The Disability Discrimination Act and Schools'

  1. Word processor policy (exams)
  2. SEND Policy 2016
  3. SEND Information Report
  4. Medical Conditions in School Policy
  5. Disability policy (exams)
  6. Accessability Plan
  7. Access Arrangements Policy
  8. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - updated Nov 2017
  9. Keeping children safe in education
  10. TEC Prevent Statement
  11. Promoting Welfare and Wellbeing by Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy  Currently under review
  12. Tamworth Enterprise College Statement of British Values
  13. Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse of students by Teachers and Other Staff including Volunteers
  14. TEC Anti-bullying Policy
  15. TEC Managing Allegations against other children or learners
  16. Tamworth Enterprise College Drugs Policy
  17. TEC Sex Education Policy
  18. TEC SMSC Policy  Under review
  19. TEC Social Networking Policy
  20. TEC Student E Safety Policy
  21. TEC E Safety Charter Under review
  22. TEC E-Safety Policy
  23. TEC Collective Worship Policy  Under review
  24. TEC Curriculum Complaints and Appeals Policy
  25. TEC Equality and Diversity Policy
  26. TEC SEND Policy
  27. TEC Attendance and Punctuality Policy and Procedures  Under review
  28. TEC Whistleblowing Code
  29. TEC Race Equality Policy
  30. TEC Complaints Grievance Policy
  31. TEC Homework Policy  Under review
  32. TEC LIteracy Policy
  33. TEC Behaviour and Discipline Policy
  34. TEC Charging and Remissions Policy
  35. AET Website Policy  
  36. School Website Policy
  37. Website Privacy Statement
  38. AET Data Protection Policy
  39. Careers Policy
  40. TEC Complaints Policy
  41. Accessibility Policy
  42. Curriculum Statement 2017
  43. Marking and Assessment Policy 2015/2016
  44. TEC PE Policy
  45. Safer Recruitment Policy
  46. TEC Uniform Policy  Under review
  47. Exclusion Policy