Physical Education

Year 8 will be taking part in the Indoor Athletics competition for all Tamworth Schools on Tuesday 5 th December at Tamworth Enterprise College and Year 7 will be taking part in the same competition for their age group on Tuesday 12 th December. Teams of 8 boys and 8 girls will be selected from those year groups to represent the school in a competition that traditionally we have been very good at. They will take part in running, jumping and throwing events in order to finish top of the leader board and we are confident that we have some great athletes competing for us this year.

If they win this competition they will go forwards to represent Tamworth in the Staffordshire Youth Games at Fenton Manor. We will also have some of our young leaders working alongside our senior leaders to ensure that the running of the event goes smoothly and we are looking forward to seeing the new generation of sports leaders making their mark on the event. It is always a fantastic event in the school calendar, be it a very noisy one in the Sports Hall! Come on TEC, you can do it!

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