World Book Day. TEC celebrate with work on 'Hunger Games'

To celebrate this year's World Book Day, pupils and staff at Tamworth Enterprise College immersed themselves in the dystopian world of The Hunger Games.

After the success of our Harry Potter themed WBD last year, we gave pupils the chance to pitch their ideas so we could decide a theme that was equally as spectacular. 

After the success of studying Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games in Year 7, pupils were more than happy to get involved and defend Katniss Everdeen against the dictatorship of President Snow.

Classrooms were transformed into districts, the forest arena and The Capitol. Tasks ranged from: media coverage in the style of speaking and listening activities, creative writing, informative writing, design tasks and creative projects to make this a cross curricular, differentiated day for all involved. 

Staff once again appeared in full costume to make this a memorable day for all the pupils taking part. Likewise, several pupils dressed as their favourite characters which proved to be a clear indicator of how engaging the day was.

Celebrating literacy is vital to ensuring pupils understand the need for reading to enable them to be successful at GCSE but more importantly to embrace a joy of reading that opens their minds and imaginations to worlds beyond what is simply reality.  

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