World Book Day 2016

World Book Day is celebrated this year on Thursday 3 March

Here is the logo from the website

Miss J Brindley, a member of the English Faculty, is organising this years events in English and she says:-

'Can we top TEC's terrifying zombie apocalypse and make this year's event bigger and better? With your help we can... World Book Day is fast approaching and we want our celebrations this year at TEC to be truly magical! On Thursday 3rd March, before your very eyes, you will see the English corridors of TEC transform into the halls of Hogwarts.'

'You will experience a taste of wizardry in our chosen classrooms and from spell making to Quidditch commentary, your day will be immersed in magic! So to celebrate JK Rowling's tremendous success, our love of reading and the escapism it provides, on Thursday 3rd March we invite you to dress as your favourite Harry Potter character so you can celebrate along with us. In the coming weeks, encourage your teachers to have Harry Potter themed lessons or help them decide which Harry Potter character best suits them. 

World Book Day is a worldwide event, a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. Let us make our 2016 celebration at TEC a truly magical experience!'

Harry Potter World Website

Who can ever forget the English staff's zombie costumes (actually this is their normal appearance, they appears daily in their 'normal' alter egos!

Here is a reminder of the video made last year. It is not recommended for those of a delicate constitution!

See the report on last years event

A full report will be published here and on Facebook after the event.

Why not contribute by sending in reviews of your favourite books? Mail to

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