World Book Day 2015

This year WBD coincided with the addition of several great new horror titles being launched in the school library: Darren Shan’s Zom-B series and Charlie Higson’s The Enemy series. The books deal with the post-apocalyptic possibilities of survival against all odds, of human relationships, of love and loss; all against the backdrop of gruesome, flesh-eating zombies! Needless to say, students at Tamworth Enterprise College soon found themselves thrown into the scary situations presented in these novels, as the fabulous English teachers at TEC began to transform into something beyond human…

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Staff and students had a great day exploring the creative possibilities of the horror genre. Each house group created a package of resources in response to some gruesome stimuli. The package included: written advice on how to avoid infection; reports on how the zombie apocalypse began and spread; art-work recreating pivotal moments of the outbreak and filmed news-casts of the day’s events! Some of the work is available for you to view here, but be warned! Only the bravest and strong of stomach should dare to look!

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The Authors themselves took to Twitter to support our efforts!

We would love you to capitalise on the engagement of the students and encourage more reading for pleasure at home. To support this we have updated the library stock to include 20 new horror titles and local bookshops stock many of the exciting novels of Darren Shan and Charlie Higson. You can also support the reading progress of your son/daughter via Home Connect. Further guidance on Accelerated Reader can be found via this documents: Parent's Guide to AR. See more information on the Parents' Page about Accelerated Reader

Mr J Spears

Assistant Principal.

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