Well Being day Friday 15th July 2016

Friday 15th of July saw Tamworth Enterprise College, Belgrave, host the town’s first school-led Wellbeing Day. An event at which around 25 external agencies offered support, guidance and resources to over 600 students and visitors in attendance.

The academy has its own multi-agency centre that offers students support services throughout the year but Jayne Carlyle, the Academy’s Student Support Officer, wanted to offer all students a chance to not only access the wide range of support available to them, but also a chance to take home a pack of resources that could extend this support into the Belgrave community, providing access outside of school and during the summer holiday to vital services.

The Wellbeing Day was opened by M.P Chris Pincher and was a great success, with lots of fun activities to engage students and a wide range of strategies to improve their own mental health and wellbeing. 

MP Chris Pincher, Principal Simon Turney, District Commissioning Lead for Tamworth Tim Leese 

with students enjoying Tamworth Enterprise College’s Wellbeing Day.



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Here is a slide show to indicate all of the contributors on the day and what they offer.


From Students

'Cool and informative',

'Interesting and helpful', 

'very good for health and future', 

'Very good, helped me understand I'm not alone', 

'they will help me lots and were really good'.

From Staff and Adult Visitors

'Event extremely well organised. So impressed with amount of services and quality of info. Well done'

'More presentations that engage with stories to exemplify- XLM did this really well'

'Brilliant and useful day for all involved'

'This event has been brilliantly organised and students have benefitted hugely. Fantastic buzz all day. Well done to all involved'

From Agencies Involved

'really enjoyable event, good to find out more about partner agencies, great to talk to students'

'excellent event for agencies and students'

'Fantastic idea, well organised, lots of students seen. Already have ideas for next year'

'All of the students I have spoken to have really enjoyed and got a lot out of the event'

'Everything was amazing! Fab event, really informative, I think the students will have learnt a lot'


Following our hugely successful Wellbeing Event on 15th July, we have compiled the results of our exit evaluations. Over 600 people attended the event and attendees and stallholders completed 407 event evaluations. The evaluations sought to ascertain the knowledge attendees had/have of the services available to them; the enjoyment, accessibility and organisation of the event; the quality, range and usefulness of agencies (and resources) in attendance and the impact that all stakeholders feel the event will have on our students’ wellbeing. Our findings are presented below:

Students’ evaluation:

  • 349 evaluations completed
  • 94% of students enjoyed the event
  • 80% said their prior knowledge of the MAC/services was poor-average, 99% of these said their knowledge had improved as a result of the event.
  • 69% of students said they are likely to use the resources/information they received.
  • 74% of students said the event would have a positive impact on their wellbeing and safety.


  • 88 returns
  • 93% feel their wellbeing will be enhanced
  • 84% said they will use the resources/information
  • 91% enjoyed the event


  • 50 returns
  • 92% feel their wellbeing will be enhanced
  • 92% said they will use the resources/information
  • 96% enjoyed the event


  • 82 returns
  • 94% feel their wellbeing will be enhanced
  • 88% said they will use the resources/information
  • 94% enjoyed the event


  • 58 returns
  • 95% feel their wellbeing will be enhanced
  • 84% said they will use the resources/information
  • 95% enjoyed the event

All those that added extra comments were positive, with the majority using phrases like: 'good', 'useful' or 'helpful'. Of particular note, a LAC commented: ‘Very good, helped me understand I'm not alone.’

Adult visitors’ evaluation:

  • 34 evaluations completed
  • 65% had poor-average knowledge of the MAC/services available to students. 86% of these felt their knowledge had improved as a result of the event
  • 100% felt the event would benefit students
  • 100% felt the range of agencies was either good or excellent
  • 97% said the resources provided for students were good or excellent quality
  • 100% felt the agencies and resources were relevant for students’ needs
  • 100% felt accessibility to the event was good/excellent
  • 100% felt the organisation/venue was good/excellent
  • 94% felt students mental health and wellbeing would benefit from attending the event
  • 94% felt the wider community would benefit from the students attending the event

Agency attendees’ evaluation:

  • 36 evaluations completed
  • 81% were aware of our in-school MAC
  • 67% already work closely with our students
  • 97% felt the range of agencies on offer was good or excellent
  • 100% felt the quality of resources on offer and accessibility to the event was good or better
  • 86% felt students would be safer and have improved mental health and wellbeing as a result of the event
  • 83% felt that the event would benefit the wider community
  • 100% would welcome a return to a similar event in the future.
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