TECs new Parent's Forum Page

TEC has introduced a Forum Page to allow Parents to give their views on a variety of topics.

It can be seen under the Parents' Page in the main menu, or by clicking the link above.

The first topic is to ask Parents for their views on areas of concern in the school at present.

Once a topic has been Posted, then Parents can make comments and give their views. All comments are sent for approval before being seen live on the site. It is the Headteachers' decision about which comments, or parts of comments will be given approval. He reserves the right to edit comments, without in anyway altering the meaning.

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure useful dialogue and safety for the contributors.

1. All contributors must identify themselves before a comment is considered for inclusion. Your name, email and the name of your child in school is sufficient.  Your child's name will never be included in the live post, it is purely for identification purposes. Contributors can ask for their comment to be anonymous on the live site, which will be respected, but no anonymous contributions will be considered for publication.

2. All comments must be positive (even if critical), relevant to the topic and show respect for other contributors.

3. No comments must violate the law

4. Personal information about yourself or others should not be revealed and will not be included.

5. There should be no advertising or links to other websites within your comment.

Provided these guidelines are met TEC will undertake to present the honest views of its parents, even if critical and will look at the comments made to inform future policy changes where appropriate.

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