TEC Goes to the polls!

On election day, TEC is running its own election. Four candidates have put themselves forward for election. All the candidates introduced their manifesto in assemblies last week, ready for the big day today!

Photos of the polling and the full result will be published tomorrow.

The candidates, together with their manifesto speeches are as follows.

The Individualists Party - Jessica Niblett

Youtube link

Labour Party - Caitlyn Holmes

Youtube link

UKIP - Jack Rowley

Youtube link

Fancy Dress Party - Robbie Truman

Youtube link

Here are the results

1. Robbie Trueman, Fancy Dress Party - 386 votes - 49.8%

2. Jack Rowley, UKIP - 147 votes - 19.0% 

3. Jessica Niblett, Individualists - 137 votes - 17.7% 

4. Caitlyn Holmes, Labour - 88 votes - 11.4%

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