Tamworth Enterprise College Fundraising Committee invited to Comic Relief Headquarters, London.

Dedicated, determined and devoted Year 9 fundraisers, from Tamworth Enterprise College, were invited to the Comic Relief Headquarters, London, after reaching the final in the AET Enterprise Challenge.

The team making their presentation

The Committee: Charlotte Heaton, Pheobe Parrish, Emily Shotton, Gracie Knowles, Sydney Betts, Anastasia Brenen, Hannah Tonks and Molly Castagna, have raised over £10,000 for various charities over the last three years, including Sports Relief, BBC Children in Need and in 2014 taking part in Race for Life raising money for Cancer Research.Over the past three years the committee have led the school into a fundraising frenzy; leading assemblies, holding bake sales with a selection of donated and homemade cakes from staff and students, attending school in their onesies or fancy dress and made a fantastic connection with our local Sainbury’s store at Ventura Retail Park which has led to three successful years of students helping customers pack their shopping to raise money for Comic Relief.

This year, TEC were invited to enter the AET Red Nose Day Enterprise Challenge; a chance for pupils to develop valuable entrepreneurial skills while raising money to make a difference and have some fun too!

Students had to set up and run a business to make as much money as possible for Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March. They needed to devise money-making ideas and plan and publicise their business. The twist – pupils had no budget. They had to use their creativity and skills to blag everything they needed.

TEC Fundraising Committee set out on a mission to go bigger, better, bolder and brighter than previous years for Red Nose Day 2015. Calling on hungry, famished, ravenous staff and students with an offer to good to refuse: cakes, biscuits and rolls-40p each or 3 for a £1. Loyal staff and students adore the committee’s homemade cakes and this year, hungry appetites raised £164.60.

Non-Uniform day hit TEC on Friday 13th March, students were paid £1 to flaunt off their unique style, many students were sponsored to go crazy in fancy dress and onesies, teachers also joined in on the madness. Non-Uniform Day raised £751!

Last year, Sainsbury’s kindly donated their excess Red Noses. This year, TEC Fundraising Committee sold these ‘Vintage’ Red Noses for half the retail price of current Red Noses sold in stores. After just 3 days of hard sell, TEC’s range of ‘Vintage’ Red Noses SOLD OUT!

The highlight of TEC’s fundraising took place on Friday 13th March at Sainbury’s supermarket to help customers pack their shopping. Not only is this a great opportunity to help the community, this boosts students’ confidence, meeting staff and customers! Generous, gracious and grateful customers donated £480.91!

TEC’s fundraising grand total for Comic Relief 2015 an impressive £1422.51!

In the week of 16th March, pupils had to make a presentation for AET (our academy provider) representatives in the regional heat against 66 other AET schools, explaining what they had done and what they learnt along the way, hopefully securing them a place in the national final!

Here’s the link to the Committee’s presentation that got them through the regional heat all the way to the national final at Comic Relief HQ.

On Thursday 21st May, six nervous, excited, thrilled members of the Committee headed off to London, to deliver their presentation to Comic Relief representatives, aiming to be AET’s best entrepreneurs, with the chance to win the opportunity to meet judges from the BBC’s The Apprentice.

After a tour of the Comic Relief offices and giving feedback on merchandise for Sports Relief 2016, TEC’s Fundraising Committee wowed the judges with their fundraising efforts, commitment and enthusiasm.

Sadly, the committee didn’t win but…

‘It was an experience that made me proud of Tamworth Enterprise College, as we as a school, helped those struggling in Africa and the UK and that is an amazing feeling. Going to the Comic Relief offices was a brilliant opportunity to look around and meet staff, even though it was nerve-racking, waiting to do the presentation, we had a great day. My confidence in speaking in large groups has grown so much and I am overwhelmed at how different I am now, to when I first started fundraising.’ – Anastasia Brenen

‘My experience at Comic Relief HQ was remarkable and every year of fundraising at TEC has just made my confidence grow. Not only does it help make a difference in people’s lives in the UK and Africa, I always have fun! Whether it’s baking cakes or bag packing at Sainsbury’s it is fantastic to know I can make a difference. Even though we didn’t win I am proud of what we have achieved.’ – Molly Castagna

‘The whole day was a great opportunity for me to raise my confidence and do new things that I wouldn’t normally do. I also had a lot of fun just being at Comic Relief Headquarters, being involved in the activities and presentation, it didn’t matter that we didn’t win and I didn’t leave feeling too disappointed.’ - Sydney Betts

‘To visit the Comic Relief headquarters was extremely exciting and it felt wonderful to receive recognition for all of our hard work. It really made me realise that the committee have helped many people across the UK and Africa and will continue to do so next year.’ - Gracie Knowles‘I felt totally overwhelmed to have been invited to the Comic Relief Headquarters. I really enjoyed our tour of the offices there. Also I enjoyed deciding on what merchandise could be used next year for Sport Relief, it was great having an opinion on what they could sell in stores.’ - Charlotte Heaton

‘Although we didn’t win, it was amazing to be a part of such a brilliant project. Touring around the Comic Relief offices was such an fabulous opportunity, and I really enjoyed it’- Emily Shotton

See the report of the Whole Comic Relief Fundraising

Cake selling and non uniform day

Bag packing at Sainsbury's

Next Year we aim to be bigger and better.

Any ideas welcome!

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