Students watch the eclipse.

The conditions could not have been better in the midlands to watch the amazing event. Totally clear skies made it a memorable and awe inspiring sight for those who witnessed it.

The Science Department had briefed the students extremely well, emphasising the dangers of looking at the sun. The special filter glasses were also on sale so that they could watch the eclipse with total safety. Only students who had purchased the glasses were allowed out.

Some enterprising students used a pin hole camera technique to view the image safely. Here a group of students project multiple images with a colander! You can see clearly the eclipse through each hole.


Members of staff were equally thrilled with the eclipse! Here are members of the Design and Technology team enjoying the spectacle.

Student's photographs of the eclipse, taken on mobile phones through the filter glasses.



One of our more laterally thinking students sent us this image, which he claims to have taken. Perhaps an early April Fool!?

Lovely photo though!

More watchers!


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