Sport Relief. TEC runs to Bangladesh!

"Are we really running to Bangladesh", asks a student. "How far is it?". 

"Well, we aren't really running TO Bangladesh" explains Miss Barron, "we are just running 5000 miles in school"

'What, all of us?"

"No, all students will run a certain distance and when we add it all up it will hopefully be 5000 miles."

"Why are we doing this?"

"To raise money for the poor children in Bangladesh."

"Why children in Bangladesh?"

"I saw this video on Youtube and felt we had to do something"

"That is great Miss, I understand now. I see on the Sport Relief Website that half of the money raised goes to Charities in the UK, I think that is just right. Where do we start and can I be the one to get there first? I'd love to meet Champa!"

Miss Barron says

"We are facing a huge challenge as a school to run the 5000 miles to Bangladesh and we would love to get as much sponsorship as possible to spur us on to achieve our goal. You can sponsor us all by donating on the justgiving website, or by texting TRTB99 with the amount you would like to donate to 70070.

So to donate click here or TEXT TRTB99 to 70070

Just today (3 March 2016) the Y9 Team have begun the run, here are some photographs

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