Red Nose Day Fundraising

TEC will be fundraising for Comic Relief throughout next week. In the students own words, here is a flavour of the activities.

Gracie-Jane (Year 9) invites us to a Bake Sale

Calling all hungry, famished, ravenous staff and students!It's that time of year again! Comic Relief Friday 13th March! Our mission this year is to bigger, better, bolder and brighter!

Loyal customers! You always adore our fresh, delicious, homemade cakes. Last year you helped us raise £136.00 from just stuffing your face!

This year we have an offer that is too good to refuse! Cakes,biscuits,mini rolls all 40p or three for a £1.

Where can you get these fabulous, fresh cakes from? ......Canteen break time Tuesday 10th March!

Don't fancy buying a cake? Year 11 girls watching your weight ready for your prom dress? Then why not donate ingredients, or cakes or even bake some yourself.

We would not only appreciate your help but someone who is feeling lonely, isolated and vulnerable would.

Just £15 is enough to run a bereavement hotline for a month, providing families with the support they greatly need.

Why buy a revolting, repulsive, repugnant cake for 70p from the school canteen? It's daylight robbery and won't get your taste buds tantalised.

See you in the canteen on Tuesday 10th March at break time, devouring our mouth-watering, marvellous, moerish cakes!

With your hungry appetites we can beat last years total of £136.

Hannah (Year 9) talks about the non uniform day

Friday 13th March is usually an unlucky day. But not this year!

Certainly not for any of you! Friday 13th March 2015, is non school uniform day...your day! For just a pound you don't only get to flaunt off your amazing style; but your single pound goes a long way. That pound can provide a child with school books for a year in Ghana.

If the whole of Yr 8 donated a pound to adorn themselves in Nike, Converse and Adidas; that £200 could pay for a years worth of home visits for an isolated elderly person across the UK.

Friday 13th March! Wear your Red Nose, be sponsored to wear your onesie or just go crazy and do something funny for money!

            Non Uniform Day 2013 for Red Nose Day

Molly (Year 9) is selling Red Noses

Do you want to help change lives in the UK and Africa?

It's obvious that you're all sitting there thinking yes! You are all FABULOUS FUNDRAISERS! By donating just 50p you'll not only be the proud owner of a ravishing vintage RED NOSE, but you'll also contribute to making the difference right here in the UK. Just £100 raised can pay for two nights emergency accomadation for a woman who's fled domestic violence.

Everyday in afternoon registration vintage RED NOSES will be on sale for just 50p!

This is half the price of RED NOSES currently being sold in stores.

If you're not brave enough to wear a red nose, donate any loose change you have to our fundraising bucket.

Every penny makes a difference to lives in the UK and Africa, most importantly you've made a difference! You've made a contribution to changing lives in the UK and Africa! You've made someone you've never even met smile! You've given them a chance they never thought they had!

See the Official Red Nose day Video

Visit the Official Red Nose Day Website

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