Operation Christmas Child 2015

The school has again participated in this marvellous charity, which provides boxes of gifts to children all over the world at Christmas.

Miss Collyer (back right) and Miss Mordvinova with students and boxes collected

This year Mr Wilson and Mrs Gee organised the collection and delivery of the boxes. They had this to say:-

'We are proud to tell you that the school has produced 103 shoe boxes for the Christmas Child appeal. Not only that, but we are also giving a cheque to the value of £354.00.
Last year we accomplished some eighty plus boxes so you can see why the school is justifiably proud of itself this year
We would like to say a big, big thank you to all of you who helped in anyway to achieve this fantastic total.

This has been achieved by pupils across the whole year spectrum, their Mums,Dads, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents all contributing to try and make other children less fortunate than their own have something to open on Christmas Day. 

Miss Collyer's Tutor Group, S7, were responsible for providing the most boxes this year so congratulations and thank you to them.

Thank you all so much,103 children will now be much happier at Christmas time thanks to you'

The school had this from Alan Reeves who is the local Collections Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child

Dear Mrs Gee,
I am the local collections coordinator for the Operation Christmas Child shoe box appeal. I had a call from Shoezone Tamworth this morning to say that you had dropped off 103 boxes. Thank you so much for this wonderful effort. Please pass on our thanks to your students.

Mr Wilson presents a Participation Certificate to Lewis Johnson (S7) 

The video shows the distribution of shoeboxes to children living in refugee camps after they were forced to leave their homes by civil war. A very topical video, with reference to the unfolding events in Syria and the subsequent massive refugee problem across Europe.

More videos here

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