Literacy Leader Programme

As part of TEC's drive on literacy, Miss Brindley is running a new initiative called 'The Literacy Leader Programme.' The programme requires pupils to take an active role within the teaching and learning of cross curricular literacy. Pupils will be recognised and rewarded for their input and contribution, working closely with their literacy coordinator (Miss Brindley) and their teachers. This will not only equip pupils with appropriate leadership skills, it will enable them to contribute to our school improvement plan, it will encourage collaboration with pupils and staff whilst also developing an active learning community.

English staff have met to form a list of candidates. Some of these are from the Gifted and Talented register, whilst others have been recognised for their strong literacy skills and work ethic. These pupils are ambassadors for the school, working alongside us as teachers to ensure literacy is embedded in all lessons.

The following pupils have been selected as our first cohort.

Year 7
Jessica Bates
Scott Hardy
Romaelo Martin
Bradley Groucott
Frances Truman

Year 8
Ewan Williams
Bailey Mansell
Katie Moore
Corey Edwards
Melissa Wood

Year 9
Tom Smith
Dean Shingler
Josh Meer
Matthew Groucott
Gabby Summers
Barbara Marynowska

Pupils will be briefed on the programme .They will work towards the following awards:

Bronze Award - They can evidence that they have assisted the teacher and made use of literacy resources within a lesson.

Silver Award - to create literacy resources that can be accessed whole school. This could include a literacy display within the school, interactive lesson starters or a competition within school. We want them to be creative whilst contributing to the teaching and learning of literacy.

Gold Award - teach an aspect of literacy across a range of subjects. These will be observed, filmed and shared on the school website.

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