End of Term Letter - 18/12/17

Dear Parent/Carer,

As the end of term is upon us I am writing to confirm the arrangements for the end of this term and the beginning of next term.

Last day of term, Tuesday 19th December

School will close for the Christmas holiday at 12.30 pm

Students who are entitled to a free school lunch will be able to access this during an extended morning break. Christmas jumper /non uniform day. No charge.

First day of next term, Wednesday 3rd January

School starts at 8.40 am as normal.

School closure last week

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support last week, both over the closure of the school and when we re-opened. As I am aware sure most of you will appreciate, I have a responsibility to open the school unless our site is unsafe for students and staff. From Tuesday onwards it was and I am extremely grateful to our caretaking staff for their hard work. What I cannot influence is which roads and pavements the Highways Department decided to clear of snow and ice!

As I am sure you will have noticed we relaxed our expectations over uniform last week. Please ensure that all of our expectations are met in the New Year.

As always, despite the challenging weather, the school has been a really good place to be over the last couple of weeks with everybody getting ready for Christmas. Spirits are high, which is always a good thing at the end of our longest term. As it draws to close, I am able to reflect on many positive developments that have been the result of a lot of hard work by many of my colleagues. Most recently we enjoyed a wonderful Carol Service last Thursday evening at St Editha’s Church. This gave us an opportunity to reflect on the importance of ‘The Family’, taking a few moments to recognise how family relationships can have such a profound impact on our lives. It was great to see the Church filled with parents from both ourselves and Two Gates Primary School. My thanks go to all of the students and staff who made this event such a success.

I am also pleased to report that the introduction of a year group pastoral structure has gone very well. I hope, as parents, you have all been able to access the Heads of Year, should you have needed to, by way of supporting your son or daughter. You should always feel free to contact our Pastoral Leaders over any concerns you have in order to make sure our lines of communication work effectively.

In Years 10 and 11, we have undertaken rigorous assessments and mock examinations to prepare our students for the new style GCSE’s. This is working well and we are very ambitious for the levels of success we expect the students to achieve.

I am also looking forward to engaging with you in a discussion around including ‘Belgrave’ in the name of our school. I have raised this with our Governors and will update you further next term.

Finally, may I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I trust you will all have an enjoyable break, hopefully spending time with those people who are most important in your lives.

Yours sincerely

S Turney (Mr)