Democracy in action at TEC! Parliamentary Candidates Carol Dean and Christopher Pincher visit the school.

Democracy in action at TEC!

Whilst May the 7th is the big day for the political parties of Great Britain, as they wait with baited breath to see who we have elected to form the next government, it was Wednesday 22nd of April that saw our local candidates face their toughest challenge: the questions of our TEC students!

Tamworth’s Conservative candidate and current MP, Christopher Pincher, along with the Labour party candidate, Carol Dean, accepted our invitation to take part in the TEC political debate.

Here the candidates are pictured with students Caitlin Holmes Y8 and Jack Rowley Y7.

Following an introduction by Mr Pincher, outlining the democratic process and role of the elected representatives in government, both candidates presented their key pledges and manifesto highlights. The big challenge came when the students, a range of whom volunteered to participate in the debate, posed some difficult and testing questions. These ranged from pushing Mr Pincher to address the huge school funding disparity between counties, to probing Mrs Dean on Labour’s financial legacy!

The students, following a series of thought-provoking assemblies by Mr Turney, devised the questions and, as you can see below, some of them give messrs Paxman and Dimbleby a run for their money!

Below you can find a series of videos from the debate and comments from some of the participants that might help you make your mind up come May 7th.

Many thanks to the students who participated and, of course, Chris Pincher MP and Carol Dean. 

1. Chris Pincher and his experiences as a new MP

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2. Carol Dean 

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3. Chris Pincher

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Questions 1 and 2

1. Ellis Rowse Year 11

'Funding for students in Staffordshire Schools remains well below National Averages. What would your party do to bring about fair funding for all students across the country?'

2. Matthew Stockton Year 8

'Why should we vote for Labour when they financially ruined our country when last in power?'

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Question 3

Caitlin Holmes Year 8

'I recently read a quote that the NHS is slowly dying, what are you going to do to resolve this matter?'

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Question 4

Charlotte Ridler Year 11

'In 2010 our school was scheduled to be re-built under the Building Schools for the Future programme. When that programme was withdrawn by the Conservative Government we lost £13.7 million of investment. What would your party do to bring about capital investment in school buildings?'

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Questions 5 and 6

Question 5 Jack Rowley Year 7

'How would you improve funding for Young Talented Sports people within the Tamworth area?'

Question 6 Decklyn Cairns Year 11

'It is often stated that Politicians do not connect with young people. Why do you think that is, what would you do to change it, and should 16 year olds be given the right to vote?'

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Students' Views

Jack Rowley Y7

I thought that Mr Christopher Pincher was better because in my view he was more prepared . I thought it was good because he didn't have anything with him he just stood there and did it whereas Mrs Caroline Dean was shuffling about with her papers. Also Mr Pincher was able to come back with something to say everytime also I thought he was good when Caroline said don't listen to politicians and then she said that Liam Barnes said something good about Labour. Then Mr Pincher said 'well you just said don't listen to politicians and then you quoted something that Liam Barnes said and he's a Politician'I I found it an enjoyable experience and I will take a bit more notice of politics as I understand it a bit better now.

Caitlin Holmes Y8

Throughout the politics talk I found it quite interesting; getting an insight into how both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party plan to change and improve different aspects of Tamworth and the UK. In my opinion, Carol Dean the Labour candidate for Tamworth was the best at putting forward her point, also when she walked in the room, she looked most prepared with all of her books, folders and facts and if I was able to vote I would vote Labour. When watching Chris talk after he sat down, I could tell he was very nervous as he was twitching and constantly taking sips of his drink, I also thought that this could mean he was lying and making up ideas just to tell us what we wanted to hear. He also didn't look like he knew what he was doing, he looked as if he was trying to remember information from off the top of his head.

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