GCSE (Optionals)


How do I know this subject is for me?

GCSE Art and Design will provide students with a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in ways that are both personally relevant and developmental in nature.

What will I Learn?

During the course you will be taught how to:

  • Create work in a range of the following disciplines: drawing and painting, mixed media, textiles, sculpture and ICT.
  • Develop ideas through looking at the work of other artists, designers and craftspeople.
  • Have opportunity to experiment with a range of materials in 2D and 3D.
  • Learn how to make and record observations using a range of methods including drawing, painting, photography and ICT.
  • Finally, you will develop methods for presenting personal and meaningful work that reflects your research and experiments into a given topic or theme.

How do I Learn?

Students will have the opportunity to develop a portfolio of work and use of a personal sketchbook. Students will complete a minimum of 2 projects and the theme of these will vary depending on your teacher. There is a high emphasis on independent working and there will be opportunities for you to develop work out of lessons during weekly after school sessions. Students will be given weekly research and/or development homework. There will be opportunities to visit art galleries/ exhibitions to help you gain first-hand experience of art in the real world. There may also be the opportunity for a visit to another country, depending on academic year and interest, such as Barcelona, Rome, Florence or New York.

How will I be assessed?

Coursework consists of 60% of student’s final mark and this will start in year 10. It is important that students keep up to date with coursework and homework deadlines throughout the course. There is a final examination, which is worth 40% of the final GCSE grade. This will consist of a preparation period taking place in your lessons and lead into a 10 hour exam where you will create a final outcome. This usually takes place over 2 days.

What could this course lead to?

Art and Design is a strong foundation for further progression to Art and Design related courses such as A-level Art and Design, Photography, Graphics, Illustration, Interior design, Fashion and enhanced vocational and creative career pathways.

If you have any queries regarding this option, please contact:

Teacher in charge: Mr M Mulholland


Exam board: AQA