The English Faculty

English lies at the heart of what we do at Tamworth Enterprise College. As a compulsory core subject, English is taught by 10 specialist teachers with a passion for their subject. For the last six years we have seen a year-on-year improvement in examination results and our students make progress above the national averages across the country. We are proud to say that students enjoy English at TEC; we strive to continue to provide an engaging, nurturing and enjoyable programme of study that will enable all learners to succeed in this subject.

Results 2016

The English Department Celebrate Best Ever Results!

The English department are still brimming with pride at this year’s fantastic GCSE results. Headline figures show that 79% of pupils achieved A*-C in their English language exam, a massive 16% increase from 2015. We were pleased to see that the boys made significant progress, seeing their A*- C results rise by 20%. Girls also did well; A*- C rose by 13% based on the previous year. Boys outperformed the girls in their three levels of progress measure by 4% meaning that this year the girls need to rise to the challenge in an attempt to regain their title. These results are a reflection of the dedication and hard work applied by teachers and pupils alike. The phrase ‘You get out of life what you put in’ is key to the success we witnessed. The English department are excited to see what this year will bring. We have high aspirations for the new Year 11s as they approach the year ahead. We are confident that with the same determination, motivation and application they too will be bathing in their own successes next year.