Core Subjects


How do I know this subject is for me?

English at GCSE is compulsory for all students. We offer two courses that will enable all learners to achieve to their full potential. The courses, outlined below, offer a wide range of opportunities to explore the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening within the contexts that students will find interesting, engaging and relevant to their everyday lives as well as seminal classic literature texts.

What will I Learn?

GCSE English: the aim of this course is to provide all students with the ability to communicate clearly, in both oral and written work, by structuring and organising their talk and writing, adapting them to different situations. It will prepare learners to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices; to use language to participate effectively in society and employment; and to develop their enthusiasm for reading.

GCSE English Literature: requires that learners become critical readers of fiction: prose, poetry and drama. They will experience different times, cultures, viewpoints and situations as found in literary texts and explore how texts from different cultures and traditions may reflect or influence their own values, assumptions and sense of identity.

How will I be Assessed?

For both of these courses, students will sit exam papers at the end of Y11. There is no longer a coursework element to English but we will be using regular summative assessments in English and Literature to track progress and support learning. The overall grade that a student can achieve will be graded on the new system between 1-9.

If you have any queries regarding this option, please contact:

Head of English: Mrs N Spears


Exam board: WJEC